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In the fall of 1987, an idea was born that was destined to have a tremendous impact on thousands of African American students throughout California and beyond. In 1987, Gregory and Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye conducted their very first Black College Tour. Even though only 35 students participated, the first tour was a huge success. The students on that tour discovered things that they could only have imagined before. They experienced an educational environment that supports their success. They discovered a strong sense of belonging the moment they set foot on campus and quickly came to the realization that no one could limit their career choices.

On May 17, 2002, we created Educational Student Tours, Incorporated (a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit) to achieve our vision of assisting foster and low-income youth to earn a four-year college degree. We know that by positively impacting a student’s access to a four-year degree, you improve that young person’s overall quality of life and our collective future.

Gregory and Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye


Erin Sanders

“I would recommend this tour to all students. It is a real eye-opener.”

Erin Sanders

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