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A Message from the Tour Directors

Educational Student Tour's College Access Program is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for foster and low-income youth by directly introducing them to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. These colleges lead the nation in producing black doctors, engineers, pharmacists, lawyers, etc.

Our program began in 1987 and was granted nonprofit status in 2002. Program participants receive comprehensive support pre-college, in-college, and post-college. For students who experience foster care or live in single-parent households, a college education can seem as unreachable as the stars. EST works with two of our nation’s most vulnerable populations for several reasons. We know that if foster youth graduate from high school and do not enroll in college, within two to four years many are unemployed, on public assistance, homeless, or involved in the criminal justice system. We also know that the proportion of black children living in low-income single-parent households has increased exponentially to 55 percent, decreasing their chances of achieving a college education.

If you are interested in learning more about the transformational work that EST is doing, please give us a call at (310) 215-9522. We would love to give you an opportunity to meet some of our students and find out how we help students to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Gregory and Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye



“I would like to thank Yasmin and Greg for making this trip possible and helping me to envision myself going to an HBCU. It was a great experience.”
Veronica Surratt

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